Re-animating the Ideal

I have given this project a lot of thought. I was asked when I am going to give this thing up and go back. Go back to watching the million dollar budget movies and series through streaming services such as HeadWeb, the cinema or  TV. Go back to listening to music by using Spotify, SoundCloud or Grooveshark. Go back to play video games within the Steam computer software or Sony Playstation 3 console platform. People around me wonder if I have a set date for when this project is over but I can not say when I want to end this project. I am back from a long journey where there was not much time or access to write but this never intended to mean that I had abandoned the ambition. Although I should have been clear about this but it is something I learnt from, lots of things were going on before I left and during the voyage I felt it was better to re-animate the challenge when I got back. In contrast, this virtual absence has supplied me with a lot of energy to think and develop my thoughts about it. Additionally I have also had a lot of discussion with people I have met throughout the travels which have inspired my thoughts as well as I inspired their thoughts as well. I met people who liked the challenge and some who did not care, but most of all I enjoyed just exchanging thoughts about it and about culture in general.

It is not impossible to do a challenge like this and start to avoid majority of all culture content available, but it can be extremely difficult. I have noticed that trying to do this without writing on the blog for a while, almost pulls me into going back. But I haven’t given up, I have learnt that if I should stay true to this challenge, which I really love, demands of me that I truly spend time on writing the process and being active with it because if I do not do that, I will have a fall-back into old customs and mind-numbing culture consumption. It has a lot to do with the social environment and the exposure through different mediums but the only platform I see in my current situation to offer an alternative is the Internet and that I believe says a lot.

To describe my situation with a somewhat horrible analogy would be the drug addict who is addicted to all sorts of drugs and has to stop and go into an infinite rehabilitation when at the same time being exposed to these drugs during the process. Everywhere he goes, whether its staying at home or taking a walk in a city he gets exposed, visually or through audio. That forces him to immerse himself and enclose himself mentally, which is really challenging when all the drugs are everywhere. I can be honest to admit that there has been some occasions when I have checked out songs that do not go hand in hand with this challenge but I have most often been quitting it while in the consumption process since I know it has been wrong of me to do so.

The relapse tendencies throughout this period of no writing at the blog calls for an upgrade of the challenge, to widen the spectrum and challenges, but also developing my own solutions from this perspective. I look at quality through another lens in the microscope nowadays. But there is and has from the start been an issue  – Should I follow my own values in accordance with this challenge in all situations? Or do I adapt my values with this project? There is a social dilemma as I cannot stay true to the project without affecting my relations to other people in my surroundings and this is where I have tried different approaches during the last couple of months, trying to figure out what feels best. All in all I have come to the conclusion to always have an alternative idea with culture suitable for the project at hand to propose for these social situations. This is something I have tried a couple of times and it has worked really well. It has also made me think of what a cultural prison that much of the world is entangled in at this point in history. There are some interesting things that I will write about soon that connects well with this matter.

To end my thoughts for now; my feelings to continue this are very motivated but at the same time will have to look into more alternatives and start planning for larger changes that can make me transcend the problems. Stepping it up a bit. The long absence and time to think about this challenge has only made me more curious to what and how I can develop this challenge and to make something more of it. I am looking into different schemes on how to go ahead and I hope that it will create great influence on this challenge. The more I think about it, the more I understand that we need diversity and certainly in culture.

Thumbnail photo by Chris Goldberg (ChrisGoldNY) on Flickr.