Review: The Yes Men Fix The World

What do you think about the world? Do you think it needs saving?

The Yes Men Fix the World depicts Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno and how they have loads of fun while doing pranks to do their fair share of saving it. When watching this movie, one could almost believe it is a mockumentary with fake representations of corporations and people representing different organisations. Those are the things which are the exact opposite. The only things in this movie which are what the Yes Men are doing throughout it. They are activists and the one gets a vantage point of what these men do.

The product is one of the most joyful documentaries that I have seen in my life filled with hilarious media stunts and hoaxes. It represents not only how a movie with an agenda like this can be funded by people around the globe but how much change one can accomplish with a handful of ideas. I would almost dare calling it a comedy because there are numerous examples of humour which seem entirely independent from what one can see in commercial comedies and series. However the movie works a lot with showing the contrast of their seemingly amusing work as activists. With their visits to Bhopal in India which suffered from DOW Chemical’s accident in 1984, where thousands of Indians died and the homeless people in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina they show where their inspiration and motivating drivers come from.

Andy and Mike are probably the rock stars in modern activism today. With the things they seem to have an endless supply of courage but it is believable. It does not feel like an underfunded movie even though it has a clear budget documentary side to it. Instead it turns the budget issue into some entertaining sketches at the “Headquarters” which makes good pausing points for reviewing the storyline and events. Even though it seems Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno pull off new pranks as all they do, they do not give an insightful overview of what the consequences are which leads the viewer to believe that it is free from risks.

Production still from the Survivaball Lecture hoax

Apart from having what some people call a clear political agenda, this movie breaks down questions of corporations and ethics to the sole core. It brings up great examples of what our world looks like and how many people who actually needs the hoaxes and stunts of The Yes Men. They present a credible view that saving the world does not necessarily mean sacrifices or loss.

Let it be a joyful and hectic ride on a rollercoaster instead.

Read more on VODO. Download the movie in low definition as a torrent. An HD version torrent is available at ClearBits. The Yes Men have recently reached enough funding for a new movie, a sequel that goes by the name of The Yes Men Are Revolting that now needs funding for campaigning.

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