Review: Hästoperan – Imrit Exec

Hästoperan – Imrit Exec Album Artwork

One can notice it right from the first beats that minimalism and minor signs of electronic sounds is his sound, with the flavour of progressive beatmaking.

The person behind the artist name Hästoperan is Jonas Josefsson, who is a graduate student of ecology in Uppsala. Apart from working with birds at his job, he has produced minimalist electronic music for years and this EP is a great expression and outcome of that experience and dedication.

Detailed sounds and effects make the perfect difference in this EP and only one’s imagination can limit the visualizations that they can inspire for. With the introducing track Gobi one can think of it as the name is referring to the Gobi Desert but it makes me think of the artwork cover made by Jonas Josefsson himself which is astonishing. Gobi is also one of the best tracks on the EP with an absolutely marvellous ending melody sounding played by a guitar with a rippling echo. In general the tracks are different from each other and suits perfectly at parties. One could refer to Hästoperan’s music as a more relaxed version of a commercially independent and internationally famous DJ from Sweden who works with progressive beats and ambience similar to Hästoperan.

However, none of the songs really lifts to another level for the climax that one could hope for but they do contain a lot of integrity in them and they truly are relaxing to listen too. The tracks contain a varied portfolio of skills and the track Radicals might be the one close to using exactly all of those skills which convinces me of this craft’s strong production. It is a dreamy but still natural landscape that emerges with the dynamic and organic sounds that Hästoperan uses. He also integrates some interesting samples, one which seems to come from a stock archive featuring an old education video on ideas and notions about consumption, being very relevant for this project. I am looking forward to hear more about how this artist will develop his sound and songwriting for future releases. I see a future of a pioneer act within party music licensed with the Creative Commons license.

– I will definitely play this when I host parties on my own and I hope to hear more from Hästoperan.

Jonas Josefsson, from Uppsala, Sweden, performing under the name “Hästoperan”.

This EP consists of 5 tracks; Gobi, Blackwind, And The Sun And The Moon And The, Silver Cord, Radicals. Download it from the netlabel 23seconds launched by H. Johan Lundin in 2006, based in Gothenburg, on the west coast Sweden.

The work is licensed under the Creative Commons Licenses Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Discovering New Horizons

I am so glad that I have started out with this journey into unknown territory. As it is right now I can only see new horizons to discover and expand this idea. I am feeling a different but warm sensation since these couple of days in the project and I have actively been trying to find new tools to implement in my life which are free or have the open source license. By doing that I did get reminded of software I use that already is open source and that has been with me for a long time. These licenses are the pillars of foundation when it comes to this project and I will write a longer post about them soon and have a shorter explanation in the description About this blog.

Now on to the main point with this entry. During the last couple of days I have figured that it would be interesting to add two more categories for the blog; Games and Software. The reason for this decision is mainly because playing video games used to be an interest of mine. Furthermore I also think that this is a good idea because there has always been a DIY culture within gaming communities from what I have experienced. Why I want to work and integrate open software in my challenge is because I think it is a shift in power when comes to the control of the ownership of data and information, the User Data Manifesto being an example promoting this. Not only does it change the type of licenses but it can also have another objective than commercial software and that is user freedom. The growing sucess of the open source mobile operating system Android is one example which currently is outcompeting the closed iOS system soon to be joined by the newcomer Firefox OS. That is it for now!

What different values will Firefox OS bring to cellphone arena?

Review: M-PeX – Ignis EP

What do you get when you mix electronic ambient dubstep with Portuguese guitar?

The only member of M-PeX, Marco Miranda
M-PeX (Marco Miranda) with Guitar

M-PeX is a Portuguese project consisting of Marco Miranda and this project EP mixes atmospheric electronic sounds with the beautiful melodic rings of a nylon stringed Portuguese guitar. It feels difficult to brand this work into already existing categories as it feels very unique in many ways. I always find it very amusing to be questioning the ideas and prejudices of what things be like, hence my huge omnivorish interest in music.This is exactly what M-PeX does with this music and one can understand why the project has been on tour.

The Ignis EP has an hypnotic vibe to it where the music makes one immerse oneself somewhere else for a moment. I find it sad that none of the songs features any vocal additions as I think it would be able to add a layer of texture into an already interesting landscape of sound. However the theme of Ignis is to create something which follows along the path of the ancient theories regarding the platonic solids, hence the tracknames Materia,Beryllos, Aqua, Ignis and Eter, justifying the instrumental EP.

The innovative mix of ambient dubstep with traditional guitar melodies is something calming and I find it to be a very bold step by M-PeX to do such an experimental sound which I think he should be very proud of.

M-PeX - Ignis EP Artwork
Ignis EP Artwork by Marco Madruga

This is an EP which sounds’ I would like to hear more of and knowing that this is not the first release, I will check out the earlier releases and return with reviews on them!

Ignis EP is released by Enough Records and you can download the M-PeX 5-track EP from ClearBits torrent here. If you want a physical release and do not live in Portugal, send M-PeX an e-mail and order directly from the artist!

Ignis by M-PeX is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.