What do you get when you mix electronic ambient dubstep with Portuguese guitar?

The only member of M-PeX, Marco Miranda

M-PeX (Marco Miranda) with Guitar

M-PeX is a Portuguese project consisting of Marco Miranda and this project EP mixes atmospheric electronic sounds with the beautiful melodic rings of a nylon stringed Portuguese guitar. It feels difficult to brand this work into already existing categories as it feels very unique in many ways. I always find it very amusing to be questioning the ideas and prejudices of what things be like, hence my huge omnivorish interest in music.This is exactly what M-PeX does with this music and one can understand why the project has been on tour.

The Ignis EP has an hypnotic vibe to it where the music makes one immerse oneself somewhere else for a moment. I find it sad that none of the songs features any vocal additions as I think it would be able to add a layer of texture into an already interesting landscape of sound. However the theme of Ignis is to create something which follows along the path of the ancient theories regarding the platonic solids, hence the tracknames Materia,Beryllos, Aqua, Ignis and Eter, justifying the instrumental EP.

The innovative mix of ambient dubstep with traditional guitar melodies is something calming and I find it to be a very bold step by M-PeX to do such an experimental sound which I think he should be very proud of.

M-PeX - Ignis EP Artwork

Ignis EP Artwork by Marco Madruga

This is an EP which sounds’ I would like to hear more of and knowing that this is not the first release, I will check out the earlier releases and return with reviews on them!

Ignis EP is released by Enough Records and you can download the M-PeX 5-track EP from ClearBits torrent here. If you want a physical release and do not live in Portugal, send M-PeX an e-mail and order directly from the artist!

Ignis by M-PeX is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

I’m back!

It’s been three hectic days since the last entry and I have been thinking a lot about how I need to get into new routines when it comes to writing on this blog. The lifestyle changes have started taken place but I have to admit that I listened to some music on a streaming site on Saturday evening, which did not follow the principal ideas of this challenge of using non-profit media. This is also an interesting perspective of the project. How open should I be? And could this interest collide with questions of integrity and private life? I will have have to reflect more on this and write about it later to give you my take on it!

The situation was involving a couple of other people and I was hosting a dinner so I thought I would play some music from a playlist on SoundCloud. I find it very hard to integrate open solutions now in the beginning and it is decisive that I take a stand in my decisions to leave so called “free” services such as Spotify, Grooveshark and Soundcloud altogether (as there are mixed licenses and advertisements on those services, not leaving much space for knowing whether songs are commercial or not).

Jamendo, the truly Free Streaming Site

It takes time to get into the new mindset so I started looking into alternatives and I found a solution to this issue! It is spelled “Jamendo“, a very interesting platform for legally free music released by independent artists. There are also various ways to get tuned in on their Internet Radio, and using VLC, a free and open sourced media player (possibly be one of the most famous open sourced projects), one can tune in right away after installation!

Look out for new reviews and tips coming sooner than you think!

“Ich bin ein Berliner!”

– John F. Kennedy, 1963

As this is my first review I want to make it personal and I really hope that you can find it inspiring.

This is a review of a live set that was played at the Netaudio festival during October 11th in 2009 at my favorite club Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin, Germany.

This release is a single set with a mix of trip-hop, hiphop and downtempo and it is a very varied set of tracks that are rather well-mixed together. Many of them have a heavy beat with interesting additional instruments. It also connects to different kinds of melodies, some dynamically growing, some that could be specified as oriental and some that are made up of simple but addicting effects. I often think of the production as Phil Spector coined with his term a wall of sound something that makes it stand out.

The mix also features some artist’s rhyming and also an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s speech in Western Berlin, June 26th by the Berlin Wall. I have always been inspired by these rather rare occassions when artists include political speeches in their music and make it sound great.

Cover Image, artwork by Front