Greetings dear reader,

I am happy you found that you have found your way here to read about OpenLifeChallenge. Let me introduce you to where you have gotten.

One day I had an idea. An idea that challenged the ethics and understanding of culture that I have experienced and consumed throughout my life in society. I asked myself; Can I choose openness? Do I really have to pay to get everything I need or desire? Or can I live freely and open without neither being or be labeled as a criminal and disobedient citizen?

I started to look into the options which inspired me to dive deeper into finding solutions and new creative ways to build a different and fulfilling life.

This idea is now my life continuous challenge, manifested and embodied through this website and blog. My principal ambition is to only take part of culture, entertainment and solutions which are licensed under open licenses such as Creative Commons, GNU licences or any similar. Any open license which is making it free, not only as in cost (gratis) but also as in freedom (libre), to enjoy, just like the beauty of nature.

It also opens up for my creativity and to learn innovative new solutions to use through DIY and collaborative methods. On the other hand it also enables me to discover older works available as common heritage, which copyrights’ jurisdictional function have had its time in the lights. Now, after many, many years of these copyrights have run out after time has taken its toll through years of monopoly.

Sounds interesting? It sure is to me. Are you up for the challenge yourself? If not – you are more than welcome to follow.

The material of this project is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0) except where other else noted.

Facio Ergo Sum (I Am Because I Do)