You have probably heard or seen the low budget horror flicks filmed from the characters’ point of view with a hand-held camera and where the person last standing dies in the end. This film is not like that. Similar to other commercials movie of this sub-genre of horror, the audience gets to follow the members of a news team which are investigating what is going in an old tunnel in Sydney. The town politicians had plans to work and expand the tunnel system which would affect a lot of people in the city. The construction would also find out about the homeless people who are believed to dwell all their lives down in the labyrinth maze of tunnels and branches of those. I find the storyline interesting because of all the motifs that are presented to the audience about why the crew would go down in the tunnel without any security to do their news story. The circumstances do not allow any other way and it makes it credible as it in other cases would be seen as plain stupidity for such a decision. It also offers a perspective on what kind of lengths an individual can go in order to keep their job which they do not really enjoy, like the main character Natasha Warner does to discover why the government of New South Wales would trash their plans of new ideas for construction in the tunnel that was built to supply and improve their infrastructure of already historical tunnels in Sydney. Natasha Warner is played by Bel Deliá and helped by the team Peter, Steven and Tangles. These roles are done by Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis and Luke Arnold and all the actors have a great influence of the credible and they help to make many of the scenes enjoyable.

There are obvious sources of inspiration from the same genre which have influenced this work heavily but there are some differences. The directing of camera, lighting and auditory work turns out to be very realistic and as the viewer follow the news team, the work is divided between different characters and as a team of four and it develops into being a thrilling feature. This is because the story affects the news team and how the production changes in quality which has an ultra-realistic effect on the result. It never goes over the top in terms of, what often can annoy one when watching horror movies of this sort is that they rarely portray a background of characters which in contrary is supported by the storyline in this one.

The movie is a bit of a slow starter and one can really how the movie was intended to have a documentary semblance as the crew is interviewed and at times the scenes’ conversations, which at times can be viewed as depicting work environment of a female news reporter in a male dominated business. However the story is much more developed than other commercial forerunners within this genre. As the news team progresses in the tunnel several things are discovered, historical remnants are found and it adds a good impression of the scenography work and some nice trivial details to the story which can be of great interest to people interested in history. In the end, what they experience in the tunnel as a result is something largely different then what they came for.

– This is horror I never wish to experience as a real documentary.

Download the free P2P-version of the movie as a torrent in HD or SD through VODO which has more information of the release.

The licensing of this movie is interesting because it is only the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) version which is licensed with a Creative Commons license however the other releases use copyright for commercial purposes. Interestingly there has not been any press material licensed with the Creative Commons license and that is why there is no featured imaged for this post on the front page. This is disappointing and paradoxical because it makes the sharing of the movie suffer because of the copyrighted license on material which could be advantageous for the movie’s distribution. I will have to get in contact with the producers and ask them about a permission.

There is quite a unique story about how the creative minds featuring writers and producers Julian Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi, director Carlo Ledesma, executive producers Valerie Petrenko and Achmed Salama who also worked as the online and marketing director for the movie, wanted to create something special in distribution of films through the company Distracted Media. They started the 135k project, which broke down the production cost of the budget into the amount of movie frames that would be recorded – which were 135 000 frames or $135 000 or 90 minutes of film, which is regarded as a feature film. One can only see this as a very pedagogical approach on how to get a crowdfunding campaign successful by using simple concrete values that which simplifies how the budget is spent and that adds a lot of trust to the people that want to support it. It is certainly a recipe for success and these filmmakers from Australia put in a huge effort to remind us that they offer good films in addition to innovative distribution.

If you have an opinion on the review please comment below and if you like The Tunnel feel free to share your view!

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