I find it very difficult to keep still when I hear Universildo‘s EP. The simple layers are building up an atmosphere that is hard to beat. The sounds have an exotic touch with a temperature that can give even the coldest person a warm feel run along their skin. The spirit of it can ignite some rhythmic feelings that either could turn into dancing freely or lying still and daydreaming as well, an artistic duality of music that is hard to come by.

Album art for Luces del Aire.

Album art for Luces del Aire – download and listen to the EP while you read!

The best track is “Llave Materna” which means something like “Mother key” and is the track filled with most exploration in the rhythmic sense. How Universildo was able to wind different rhythms together and turn it into such an intensive and aggressive but still optimistic track is a wonder. Personally I find it very hard not to get excited and motivated for a challenge. On the other side I feel it is a rather psychologically heavy track due to its more vibrant and darker tones with snares hitting hard to disrupt the peaceful chords. The other tunes are much warmer and make up sounds with nature that easily can make one think of imaginary forests and landscapes in fairy tales inhibited by another kind of sound then one usually can hear developed. The name “Lights of the Air” catches theme and impression of it very well.

Luces del Aire is an EP filled with intimate beats built up by minimal drum sounds, which sometimes reminds one of dub. These, adjoined by beautifully reverbed acoustic guitar and strings from synthesizers give a lot of integrity to the music when joined together. It could be described as an alchemist’s dream of making some of the most organic sounds turn to gold because of its rash mix of styles and sounds. It feels like an experiment that was well worth the effort and engagement that put into it.

The artist Universildo consists of the sole producer Pedro Canale from Argentina who also is known as Chancha via Circuito and Verde Kiri. Universildo is his project which features his experimental expressions and one can clearly hear that. Download here.

Luces del Aire (catalog name hdm01) got available for free through the netlabel Hipi Duki Muzik on the 26th of October, 2009. Hipi Duki Muzik are based in Barcelona, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded in 2008. Read about it at SoundShiva

Released with the Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND.

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