What do you get when you mix electronic ambient dubstep with Portuguese guitar?

The only member of M-PeX, Marco Miranda

M-PeX (Marco Miranda) with Guitar

M-PeX is a Portuguese project consisting of Marco Miranda and this project EP mixes atmospheric electronic sounds with the beautiful melodic rings of a nylon stringed Portuguese guitar. It feels difficult to brand this work into already existing categories as it feels very unique in many ways. I always find it very amusing to be questioning the ideas and prejudices of what things be like, hence my huge omnivorish interest in music.This is exactly what M-PeX does with this music and one can understand why the project has been on tour.

The Ignis EP has an hypnotic vibe to it where the music makes one immerse oneself somewhere else for a moment. I find it sad that none of the songs features any vocal additions as I think it would be able to add a layer of texture into an already interesting landscape of sound. However the theme of Ignis is to create something which follows along the path of the ancient theories regarding the platonic solids, hence the tracknames Materia,Beryllos, Aqua, Ignis and Eter, justifying the instrumental EP.

The innovative mix of ambient dubstep with traditional guitar melodies is something calming and I find it to be a very bold step by M-PeX to do such an experimental sound which I think he should be very proud of.

M-PeX - Ignis EP Artwork

Ignis EP Artwork by Marco Madruga

This is an EP which sounds’ I would like to hear more of and knowing that this is not the first release, I will check out the earlier releases and return with reviews on them!

Ignis EP is released by Enough Records and you can download the M-PeX 5-track EP from ClearBits torrent here. If you want a physical release and do not live in Portugal, send M-PeX an e-mail and order directly from the artist!

Ignis by M-PeX is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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