“Ich bin ein Berliner!”

– John F. Kennedy, 1963

As this is my first review I want to make it personal and I really hope that you can find it inspiring.

This is a review of a live set that was played at the Netaudio festival during October 11th in 2009 at my favorite club Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin, Germany.

This release is a single set with a mix of trip-hop, hiphop and downtempo and it is a very varied set of tracks that are rather well-mixed together. Many of them have a heavy beat with interesting additional instruments. It also connects to different kinds of melodies, some dynamically growing, some that could be specified as oriental and some that are made up of simple but addicting effects. I often think of the production as Phil Spector coined with his term a wall of sound something that makes it stand out.

The mix also features some artist’s rhyming and also an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s speech in Western Berlin, June 26th by the Berlin Wall. I have always been inspired by these rather rare occassions when artists include political speeches in their music and make it sound great.

Cover Image, artwork by Front